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XIT Versatile Travel Plug Adapter

XIT Versatile Travel Plug Adapter

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Brand:3P Experts


Whether it’s a short trip across the pond or a worldwide adventure; having a universal adapter along for the ride is an absolute must. The Universal USB Travel Power Adapter offers support for more than 160 countries; including the U.S.; Europe and Australia. It has a universal design that allows a multitude of plug options. The inclusion of two USB ports allows for simultaneous charging of few devices at a single time. It is ideal for tablets; cameras and phones for faster charging. As with a number of universal adapters; it is designed with 110v devices in mind; which means it’s not recommended for higher-powered appliances such as hair dryers or flat irons.


This travel adapter comes with dual USB charging ports. It works with wall AC outlets in over 100 destinations worldwide including Australia; China; France; Greece; Ireland; New Zealand; Portugal; Spain; Thailand; UK & USA.The built-in fuse is designed to protect your devices during a power surge. These adapter plugs are safe for your devices and the hotels or homes you’ll be visiting.These international travel adapters are small enough & light enough (3.8 oz!) to easily fit inside a backpack; suitcase or a briefcase. You can use them to charge your phone; tablets; laptop or camera etc. while on vacation; holiday or business trips.

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