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Luggage Sets New Model Expandable ABS Hard shell 3pcs

Luggage Sets New Model Expandable ABS Hard shell 3pcs

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Lithium Battery Contained:No


Main Color:Purple

Main Material:ABS


[High Quality Luggage Sets]:made from extra strong ABS material; which is lightweight and extremely durable. Features textured finish to prevent against scratches; keeping lightweight luggage set beautiful trip after trip.


[3 Piece Luggage set]: 20 ''(convenient to carry to the aircraft); 20 ''; 24"; 28 "are expandable; adding 20% space capacity for hardshell luggage.



[SECURE TSA LOCK:]: Side of the suitcase-mounted TSA lock; which allows only TSA agents to inspect your luggage sets clearance without damaging the lock when traveling.



[Easy Maneuvering]: 4 silent 360-degree rotating wheels make this suitcase as mobile as they get. Regardless of direction; these wheels allow your suitcase to stay upright while getting pushed; pulled and dragged in any direction.


[Side hooks]: Side hooks to reduce the burden on hands.



[Handy Packing]- Includes a spacious; highly functional interior with mesh pockets and elastic tie-down straps. Pack neatly and securely.



luggage set Approx.Dimension Approx.Dimension Approx.Weight Travel days (excluding wheels) (including wheels)20inch 19.9" x 13.9" x 8.9" 21.9" x 13.9" x 8.9" 6 LBS 1~5 days24inch 23.4" x 17.3" x 10.6" 25.4" x 17.3" x 10.6" 8 LBS 5~7 days28inch 27.2" x 19.7" x 12.1" 29.1" x 19.7" x 12.1" 10 LBS 7~10 days




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