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Kids Safety Travel Tray Waterproof Car Seat Play Tray Baby Drawing Board Snack Table Tablet Toy Holder

Kids Safety Travel Tray Waterproof Car Seat Play Tray Baby Drawing Board Snack Table Tablet Toy Holder

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*ENTERTAIN YOUR LITTLE ONE*:Put a sturdy playing or eating surface on your child's lap for road trips in the car,bus,train or on the plane. Keep your kids happy and calm while traveling by car,flying,or in a restaurant,with one of these travel tray!They can do lots of activities on this baby travel tray setup,like crafting,eating meals,watching a tablet,building blocks,toy cars,learning,flashcards,homework,etc.
** WATERPROOF & EASY-CLEAN SURFACE*:We know kids are exceedingly talented at creating a mess,so we’ve added a waterproof,protective layer on the tray’s surface,so you don’t need to worry about soiling your car because children are spilling drinks. And the high-quality printing is strong enough to withstand regular cleaning products,so you can even clean it up on the go with a baby wipe to ensure it’s always clean and sanitary for your child’s use.
** 4 MESH SIDES POCKETS*:It is built with 4 large side pockets conveniently located within easy reach,to store items such as toys or snacks as well as a two-inch wall to stop toys or food from falling off.
** PORTABLE & COMPATIBLE WITH ALMOST ALL SEATS*:It is portable because light weight(0.54lbs) and small folding size(15.7x13.5x0.4 in),so don’t worry about needing to carry a bulky,box-like contraption everywhere you go!The comfortable padding allows you to strap it directly to your child as well!The length of the strap is adjustable,so it even fits adults.
** MULTIPURPOSE*:It allows the children to eat on it,read on it,support the tablet or phone,color,play with cars,dolls,wax,and many more. Perfect for car,bus,plane,or train,our baby travel tray contains and catches spills,putting your mind at ease.

Material: Polyester
Colors: Blue, Pink
Expanding Size: 40x34.4x21cm/15.7x13.5x8.3in (L x W x H)
Item Weight: 246g/0.54lbs
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