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     100% Remy Pure Virgin Indian Human Hair

Fly Girl Connection Hair Extensions - The Ultimate in Human Hair Extensions

Superior Quality

We understand that hair genetics and hair care define the inherent quality of human hair. Importantly, contrary to popular belief, damage from chemicals, coloring, and heat drying is essentially irreparable. Our Indian procurement department works with temples and other reputed suppliers to procure the highest grade Indian virgin source hair, which cannot be matched in luster, body, versatility, and durability anywhere else on the globe (i.e. China, Brazil, Europe).

The Best Price for the Quality

Fly Girl Connection Hair Extensions  is distinguished from  any other hair importers in the United States and around the globe  because of our quality extensions and excellent customer service we have a awesome relationship with our exporters from  Bangalore, India and they understand how important it is to our company and our customers that we maintain the highest standard when it pertains to our product and services , allowing us to supply , our customers with the best hair that the industry has to offer which is definitively from Bangalore, India. We are preparing for Global Domination because we are in the  customer service business and our product is Hair Extensions!   

   Why Choose Fly Girl Connection Hair Extensions 

  • Superior Quality
  • Superior Processing
  • Best Price For The Quality
  • 100% Indian Virgin Hair
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 1-800-614-0643
  • We have a staff of licences Cosmetologist to answer any questions you have about  our  Hair Extensions, coloring, maintenance, styling, length, and choices.
  • We understand our hair is an investment but you can reinstall, color, and condition our hair and we are here anytime you need us!
  • Because we stand behind our hair extensions.
  • Stop throwing your money away on disposable hair and invest in your look with Fly Girl Connection Hair Extensions  The Ultimate In Human Hair Extensions
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Because We Care!!!!! 

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